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Renew Items

To renew items through your library account, follow this link and click "Log On" located at the top right-hand corner to access your account. Once you log in, click on the tab "Items Out" and select the items you would like to renew, then click the "Renew" button.

Your username is your LAST NAME

Your password is your LIBRARY CARD NUMBER

If your items are already overdue, you will be unable to renew your items through your library account. However, if you need more time, please call us at (603) 664-9715 or email and we can renew your items for you, as long as you still have renewals left. Please refer to the chart below to see how many times an item can be renewed.

Item  Circulation Period   Max. Check Out #   Max. Renewals 
Books 3 weeks 20 per card 2x
Magazines 1 week 10 per card 1x
Puppets 3 weeks

5 per household

Audiobooks & Music CDs   3 weeks 10 per household 2x
DVD Movies 1 week

10 per household

(Up to 2 new)

 DVD TV Shows 2 weeks

10 per household

(Up to 2 new)

 Equipment 1-2 weeks 1 per card 0x
 Activity Kits 3 weeks 2 per household 1x
 Inter-library Loans Varies by Library 10 per household Varies by Library
 Video Games 3 weeks

2 per card

(4 per household)

 Video Game Consoles 3 weeks 1 per household 0x