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 Showing Community Support at the Library

(Please print out and turn in the application to the Library)

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are recognized as key contributors to the success and mission of the Barrington Public Library. They enhance and extend the services provided by paid staff but under no circumstances are they used to supplant or take on the duties of paid staff members. Volunteers are not expected to perform the scope of duties assigned to professional staff and will have very specific tasks for which they are properly trained and supervised. Volunteers are valued for their dedication, enthusiasm, and for the services they perform in support of the Library's mission.

  • Volunteers are any individual, age 14 or above, who assist with work done at the Barrington Public Library, without remuneration, as part of an authorized volunteer program. Volunteers under age 18 must have a signed parental permission slip and those ages 14-15 must get valid working papers as well.
  • Volunteers are selected based on their qualifications and the needs of the Library at any given time. While we appreciate every person who wishes to volunteer at the Library, opportunities for voluntary work are limited. Volunteers will be interviewed like any job candidate to ensure that the match between task and candidate is suitable. Volunteers who cannot commit to a regular work schedule will be referred to the Friends group who has a flexible schedule. A volunteer must be trained and supervised by paid staff, limiting the number of volunteers to those which staff has time to supervise and evaluate on a regular basis. 
  • The Library is under no obligation to take volunteers from outside services seeking placements. The Library chooses not to accept court appointed volunteers for reasons of liability. Individuals seeking assignments to meet a requirement from an outside agency for the performance of service are subject to all the selection and evaluation criteria which any volunteer would be expected to fulfill.
  • All volunteers over the age of 18 will be required to have a criminal background check at a cost of $10.00 to be paid by the Library. Volunteers may in some instances, begin service while the background check is in process.
  • Volunteers are required to uphold the same confidentiality, performance, and behavior standards as staff. They will be trained by paid staff for specific tasks; no task for which training has not been provided, will be expected of a volunteer. Response to reference questions, other than directional inquiries, shall remain the responsibility of paid staff.
  • We ask that volunteers come during regularly scheduled time slots when adequate supervision is available. Drop-in volunteers will not be accepted as staff cannot plan tasks or supervise properly on a drop-in basis. If volunteers are unable to come in on their scheduled day, we appreciate prior notification.
  • Volunteers will be informed of safety and security measures. They are NOT covered under Worker Compensation. Volunteers must be covered by their own vehicle insurance if their volunteer activity includes use of a vehicle and are liable for their own fees for traffic offenses. Mileage reimbursement is not provided. The Town of Barrington carries liability insurance with volunteers covered under the provisions of RSA 508:17, the Volunteer Immunity Law. All volunteers, after acceptance, will be given the Town Volunteer letter outlining their responsibilities and a volunteer recognition form.
  • A volunteer selected for work on a special project will discontinue service when that project is completed or terminated, unless other arrangements have been made. Volunteers are asked to notify the Library two-weeks in advance if they will be discontinuing service. Also, all volunteers are asked to call in if they will be absent from their regularly scheduled hours. Failure to show up without notice may be grounds for dismissal. Volunteers who call out repeatedly for no reason may be asked to step down. Volunteers must record their hours volunteered each time they come in on the forms provided.
  • Paid staff of the Barrington Public Library may not volunteer at the Library.
  • In the event of an opening for a paid position, volunteers who apply for the position shall be treated and evaluated on the same basis as all other external candidates. 
  • The Library staff and trustees will recognize volunteers. Certificates of outstanding service will be given when appropriate.
  • Volunteers may be asked to perform tasks such as: shelving materials, maintaining patron files, reading and organizing the shelves, assisting with children’s programs and crafts, weeding and cleaning of Library's grounds, one-time projects, assisting in inventory/collection shifting, assisting with special events, fundraisers, etc., photocopying materials, preparing materials for mailing, or starting/facilitating a club.