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As of July 1st, 2021, the Barrington Public Library is fine free forever!

Fine Free

We know, this change was long overdue!

We have joined the growing collection of fine free libraries and will no longer be charging fines for items that become overdue. The Barrington Public Library is committed to removing financial barriers to library services and further providing equitable access to informational resources for all.

Please know that although we are eliminating fines, this does not mean we are eliminating responsibility. Patrons are still expected to return their items by their due date and in good condition. If a patron misplaces or damages an item they borrowed, they will be responsible for the replacement cost. If you need to update your contact information to ensure you stay up to date with all of your due dates, please give us a call at 603-664-9715 or send an email to

Here are some important changes to be aware of now that we are fine free.

  • Items may be renewed either in-person or online. 
  • Should an item become lost or damaged, patrons will be responsible for paying replacement costs. Please do not purchase your own replacement items.
  • Should you (or anyone in your household) have an item that is 7 (seven) or more days overdue, you will be notified by a phone call.  A written notification will be mailed following the phone call and the postage fee will be added to your account.
  • When items become 30 (thirty) days overdue, they will be deemed lost and all associated replacement fees will be assessed to your account. A final  certified bill will be mailed to the address on record with postage fees added to your account. Your account will be blocked from use until the fees are paid and any items are returned.
    • We are more than willing to work with those who would like to make a payment arrangement. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything fine free?

Yes, every item will now be free of any overdue fines! 

What happens with the overdue fines on my account from prior July 1st, 2021?

The Barrington Public Library forgave all past overdue fines in our system.  Any fines previously paid will not be refunded.  The only remining fees are for items that were never returned to us or damamged, along with any postage fees we incurred trying to get them back.

Will I be allowed to make a donation instead of paying an overdue fine?

Absolutely! We are always so appreciative of all your support. Your donations help us to fund all the great programs and materials we provide for the community. A donation box can be found on our circulation desk during the Library's open hours. Please see our donation page for answers to more questions on the donation process.

Will I still have to pay fees on items I have lost or damaged?

Yes, you will still be held responsible for the items you check out. If items become lost or damaged you will be responsible for the replacement costs. We are always willing to work with you so please contact the Director at or give us a call at 603-664-0193 if you have any questions or concerns about setting up a payment plan.

Will I have to wait longer for items I have on hold?

Other libraries that have removed overdue fines have continued to have items returned within the same timeframe as they had prior to removing overdue fines. The Barrington Public Library will be keeping an eye on returns, wait times, etc., to ensure that our policies will work to uphold the same level of convenience, or better, as the past. 

Why have you chosen to eliminate overdue fines?

The Barrington Public Library is where community connects. To best ensure that everyone in our community has equitable access to informational resources, we have chosen to remove any financial barriers that may prevent members of our community from utilizing these resources. 

What impact will this have on the Library's budget?

Due to the steady increase in usage of our online services (which do not accrue overdue fines), the ability to renew materials online or by phone, along with the reminders sent out to our patrons, the revenue accrued from overdue fines has been steadily decreasing. The Library has always been fiscally responsible and removing fines will have minimal impact on the Library's budget since fines have never been viewed as a main source of income. 

For additional questions or comments please email: