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On the new website much of our information has been moved around in hopes that the site will be more intuitive to use.

The Home tab is your center for finding all the latest news, updates, and easy access popular links for information or finding the most used parts of the website quickly and easily.

The Calendar tab is where you will find our calendar and all the latest available events happening at the Library.

The Borrow & Download tab you will now find links to our OPAC catalog, Libby by OverDrive, hoopla, requesting inter library loans, accessing other free resources for downloadable reading/listeningviewing materials, as well as getting more information on how you can use your Library Card/get a new Library Card, or search for recommendations. 

The Children tab is where you will find all the ongoing events and programs available to children. You will also find links for fun games or homework help. Additionally this is where you will find information and great resources for parents. This tab is also great for finding book recommendations that are made just for kids. 

The Teen tab is where you will find the ongoing events, programs, information for teens from middle school to high school. This tab is also where you will find fun links for games as well as homework help. Additionally if you are thinking about college, entering the workforce, or getting your driver's license this tab is where you will find resources for all of these big life moments. Finally this tab will also include recommendations solely focused on books for teens. 

The Library Services tab is where you will find information on current in house services that we offer. This includes computer use, technology assistance, museum passes, homeschooling resources, notary, printing, etc. Anything we can provide in house that is not a loaned item will be found under this tab.

Additionally, the Research/Reference tab is where you will find all remaining information we provide that is not an in house service or loaned item function. This tab is where you will find town information, resources for housing/food, where to look for gaining employment, accessing CreativeBug or other eResources we offer, and links to federal information like NH Fish & Game.

The About Us tab is where you will find each of the staff member's contact information, hours & directions, information on the Trustees and Friends of the Library, our forms and policy PDFs, information on donations and volunteering time, as well as a page full of questions and answers. 

All in all this means you will find information on materials and checking out items under Borrow and Download, children and parent information under Children, teen information under Teens, in house services under Library Services, overall information under Research/Reference, and remaining information directly focused on the Library under About Us. 

If there is something specific you are looking to find and are unable to locate please let us know! Give us a call at 603-664-9715 or email, we want to know if there is anything that may have to be moved, added, or replaced and greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your input. 

PS If it is in (orange), it is a clickable link.

We can set up an appointment to help you learn the new website or to help you save the most important links to you on your laptop, iPad, or smart phone. 

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