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Using the meeting space at the Barrington Public Library

The Barrington Public Library has limited meeting room space, but has chosen, in accordance with the ALA Library Bill of Rights, to make it available to the public on a request basis.

The full Meeting Room Use Policy (which includes the form) should be read before signing the request for use. Click here to view and print.

The Board of Trustees recognizes article 6 of the ALA Library Bill of Rights that states, “Meeting rooms should be made available to the public served by the given library on an equitable basis, regardless of beliefs, affiliations of individuals, or groups requesting their use.”

To that end, the Board of Trustees encourages the use of the Karen Littlefield meeting room for any local organization engaged in educational, civic, and cultural non-profit, activities which are free and open to the public. Board meetings by local non-profits are also considered acceptable use.

Fees (or voluntary donations) to cover the cost of materials used by attendees, or speakers’ fees, are acceptable if the proposed fee is shown to cover the costs of the program or class ONLY; fees providing revenue or income for the sponsoring organization or business/employees of said business, will not be approved. Any group wishing to charge a fee, or accept voluntary donations at the door, may do so only with the permission of the Library Director.

If voluntary donations are taken in to cover costs, any donation amount in excess of the stipulated program cost (proof of costs must be provided to the Director before approval of room use) will be considered a donation to the library for use of the library facilities.

The library will not be responsible for registering participants or notifying attendees for non-library use of the meeting space. In order to prevent fraud, registration may be done by the organization before the event, but NO FEES or donations shall be taken in until the time of the event.

Library staff, in conjunction with the room user, will count all income to ensure that no excess above the costs stipulated at booking has been charged to patrons.

The meeting room also serves as the children’s room and must be made available for all children’s programs and for drop-in time for parents using the facility. All meetings must start and end on time in order for this dual purpose to be served.