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Welcome to our new calendar!

Searching and Sorting
Our new calendar gives patrons the ability to search for specific events and to sort events into categories.

We've also included a handy search bar in the upper right corner. Searching will only show results for the month that is displayed. Click Previous or Next Month and your results will shift to show that month.

Using Categories
Click ‘Filter by: Category’ at the top of the page to see a list of the categories we've separated our events into. Check off the box of the event type you want to see and apply the filters to see only the events that you checked off.

Registering for an Event
If an event you are interested in requires registration, Click REGISTER and a description of the event will appear with fields for your name, contact information, library card number, and how many people you will be bringing. Fields with a red line are required and must be filled in.

Click Continue and provide the names of those attending. If you plan on attending, don’t forget to include yourself!

If an event is full, you will be put on a waitlist and if space opens up, an automatic email will be sent informing you of your status. An automated reminder email will be sent two days before the event.