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Technology and Circulation Library Assistant
Summary of Position:

The Technology and Circulation Library Assistant (Library Assistant) reports directly to the Library Director. The Library Board of Trustees sets the pay scale for this position based upon current statewide and national averages. The major areas of responsibilities for this position are technology and circulation tasks for Library staff and patrons. This employee is expected to work at least two Saturdays per month. In some instances, the Library Assistant may serve as the senior staff member on duty. As the senior staff member, the employee may be asked questions by desk clerks, trainees, or volunteers when the Director or Assistant Director are not present and will respond based on current Library policies. The Library Assistant may also be in charge of carrying out duties left by the Director and will be asked to delegate tasks as needed in order to accomplish these responsibilities, but otherwise has no supervisory duties.
Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Successful completion of college level technology courses or equivalent previous library experience preferred; OR any equivalent combination of education and expertise which demonstrates possession of the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the necessary technology related tasks required of the position. Must have an understanding of professional abilities and limits and know when to request extra, outside the Library assistance when necessary. Outstanding customer service is necessary for this position. Knowledge of the Dewey Decimal system and proven skills in technology training and software/hardware maintenance are essential.
The Technology and Circulation Library Assistant shall be able to work accurately and efficiently in a fast-paced environment, follow instructions and develop new methods for streamlining tasks, ask pertinent questions, make informed decisions, and communicate clearly and sensitively when dealing with the public. The Library Assistant must also be able to solve problems, make decisions independently, and have the ability to complete long term projects. Superior attention to detail and accuracy is required. The Library Assistant shall also be capable of sharing duties and picking up projects that someone else has been unable to finish during their work period, time permitting.
This position is primarily responsible for technology implementation, assistance and training to the public and Library staff. Responsibilities include in-house and outreach technology programming to a variety of age groups, and training staff to utilize new technologies. The Library Assistant is also the person on staff to whom the Director can give technology tasks regarding the Library network, hardware, software, and other technology related issues. The Library Assistant must also have advanced computer skills, including the ability to search databases, the Internet, the State Library catalog, and the ability to deal with a wide range of electronic devices, including eReaders, tablets, and other emerging devices. The Library Assistant must show an ability and willingness to learn new technologies, and share their knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) with the public.
The secondary duties of the Library Assistant are to perform the circulation duties of the Library such as maintaining overdue lists, making calls, drafting overdue letters, and creating police letters for very delinquent patrons, as well as monitoring and assisting with upgrades and reports utilizing the online circulation system. The Library Assistant shall be capable of performing all duties of the Library Desk Clerk as well. All employees are expected to read staff training and informational emails from the Director to keep abreast of changes and issues.
This job specification should not be construed to imply that these are the exclusive standards of the position. Employees may be required to follow any other instructions, and to perform and other related duties, as may be necessary.
Essential Duties
  • Install and maintain computer hardware and software in a Windows and Linux environment: install new computers and software applications, update software as needed, including library security software, virus protection, and system backups. Make basic repairs to equipment and call in tech support service for advanced issues.
  • Create and implement a preventative maintenance schedule for all library-related technology.
  • Collaborate with outside professionals regarding use and customization of specialized library systems, software, and hardware.
  • Update network software, hardware, and other technological devices as needed per Director’s requirements.
  • Assist patrons on the public access computers and provide technology assistance to patrons & staff, including assisting with technology related children’s or teen programs.
  • Maintain equipment needed for cleaning DVDs (monthly cleaning).
  • Provide technical assistance in creating signs, posters, flyers, and other computer-generated PR materials.
  • Work with the Director to coordinate new integrated library system (ILS) features, roll out training, and help integrate the ILS with social media, mobile technologies, and third-party software to better serve patrons. Administer the Library’s ILS, including the circulation, cataloging, settings, and the Online Public Access Catalog; analyze and modify the systems for maximum productivity while maintaining security of the data.
  • Monitor and maintain the Library’s website and social media outlets for currency, functionality, consistency, and presentation; create online forms and documents as necessary.
  • Troubleshoot the Online Public Access Catalog and the online full-service website.
  • Work with the Director to update the five-year technology plan and technology inventory.
  • Understand eReader devices, tablets, other technologies, and provide one on one patron training as needed.
  • Maintain the all-in-one copy machine, laser printer and other office machines; provide training on these devices for other staff and work with vendors for updates and repairs.
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting on public access computers and all other office devices.
  • Run reports for overdue, lost, and missing items.
  • Conduct overdue materials calls and processes and send overdue notices via mail and/or email. Reviews lists for lost and missing items.
  • Contact current patrons with expiring library cards.
  • Update patron registrations in the system and delete inactive patron cards.
General Duties:
  • Open and close the Library, work the circulation desk, and prepare daily statistic sheets as directed by the Director.
  • Be knowledgeable with all Library policies.
  • Respond to patron requests for help in locating materials or advanced reference queries.
  • Check and fill online reserves when needed.
  • Scan items for sale through online used book vendors as needed.
  • Perform data entry projects such as re-cataloging, re-labeling, and tagging series items.
  • Fill in for the Library Desk Clerk or ILL Assistant as needed.
  • Help set up and break down the meeting space as needed.
  • Assist in putting up art displays or exhibit case displays if needed.
  • Update outside sidewalk signs if requested.
Working Conditions/Physical Requirements:
  • Constant contact with patrons; must be able to maintain patience.
  • Normal office environment with high computer and phone usage; standard office desk and chair. Carpeted and tile floors.
  • Regular interruptions to assist the public.
  • Must be able to lift and carry up to 25 lbs frequently. Carrying/lifting 25-50 lbs occasionally. Carrying/Lifting over 50 lbs infrequently.
  • Reaching at, above or below, shoulder height is occasionally required.
  • Pushing/pulling required frequently for movement of book carts.
  • Frequently grasps and handles items, finger dexterity required for typing and control of other office equipment such as telephones, copy and fax machines, and calculators. Torquing occasionally required.
  • Physical considerations; bending, squatting, crouching, twisting, balancing, climbing and kneeling all required at some time during duties. Crawling not required.
  • During an 8 hour day this employee is required to sit for between 4-8 hours, stand for between 2-4 hours, and walk for 1-4 hours.
Cognitive & Sensory Requirements:
  • Talking: Necessary for communication with patrons, staff, and others.
  • Hearing: Necessary for receiving instructions, queries from patrons, and requests from staff.
  • Sight: Necessary for doing job effectively and correctly.
  • Tasting & Smelling: Not Required.
Summary of Occupational Exposures:
  • Exposure to dust, mold, mildew, and copy machine toner, and occasionally to cleaning and book processing fluids.
Personnel Issues:
Library employees are governed by the Barrington Public Library personnel policy.
Termination procedures for this position shall conform to Section 202-A: 17 of the NH Library Laws.
40 hours per week (hourly wages with full benefits).