Barrington Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 9/14/2018
Time: 5:00 PM -
Title: Author Book Discussion: The Cemetery Keeper's Wife by Maryann McFadden
Contact: Melissa Huette,
Location: Barrington Public Library meeting room
Description: In The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife McFadden brings her lifelong obsession and coincidences with Tillie Smith to her present day heroine Rachel Miller, who was sexually assaulted as a college freshman, and has all but buried her memory of the event.
Upon discovering the monument to Tillie Smith on her first walk in her new home, Union Cemetery, Rachel begins her own quest to discover Tillie’s true end.
What McFadden reveals through the lens of her fictional heroine is just how far society has come in more than century. And how far we still have to go.
Find out more about Maryann McFadden and all her books on her website.         603-664-9715